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The following table lists a synopsis of the various state laws related to junk faxing, and where possible, the state name contains a link to the full text of the statute.  (See our sister site, The TCPA Law Site, for information on state telemarketing laws).

I welcome any additions or corrections.  If you are familiar with the laws in a state not listed here, please email me with the text of the law, and, if possible, a URL to the online resource, preferably a web site maintained by the state.

Sorry - this is still under construction...



Oklahoma Prohibited.  Misdemeanor with $500 - $1000 fine for each fax sent during "business hours" or for faxes more than 2 pages sent after hours. [21 O.S. 1863]
Utah Prohibited; administrative fines up to $1,000 per violation, deliberate violations criminal offense with fines of up to $2,500.  Also, private right of action for the greater of $500 or or the amount of the pecuniary loss, plus court costs and attorney's fees. [13-25a-104]
Florida Intrastate faxes prohibited; A.G. can impose civil penalty of up to $500 per fax, injunctive relief. [365.1657]
Texas TCPA actions specifically authorized; additionally, junk faxes sent between 11 PM - 7 AM a criminal offense. 
Minnesota Toll-free number and mailing address for removal must be in at least 9-point type; removal requests must be honored, private right to sue for damages & costs. [325E.395]
South Carolina Prohibited; private right of action for the greater of damages & costs or $200 available if faxes continue after notification to stop. [15-75-50]
Colorado Toll-free number for removal must be provided. Civil remedy of the greater of actual damages or $500, plus attorneys' fees.
Nebraska Prohibited.  Class II Misdemeanor with administrative fine of up to $1,000 per violation.






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