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After 5-year battle, Hooters hit with a minimum $3.9 Million verdict for junk fax campaign to 1,321 Georgia businesses - now faces hearing for triple damages.

Jury Verdict Form (Courtesy TCPALAW.COM)

March 21, 2001 - In a potentially precedent-setting case, a jury determined that Hooters of Augusta Inc. willfully violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by sending unsolicited advertising faxes.

Atlanta-based Hooters of America Inc., the local restaurant's parent company, might have to pay anywhere from an estimated $4 million to $12 million, depending on how Richmond County Superior Court Judge Carl C. Brown Jr. assesses punitive damages.

The class-action lawsuit was brought in June 1995 by Sam Nicholson, and included 1,320 others who were also the target of the junk fax campaign by Bambi Clark d/b/a Value Fax.  Value Fax was a faxed advertising flyer that Hooters advertised in along with other businesses.

Adapted from an Augusta Chronicle article. 

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