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At long last...

Improved look-and-feel, Content Updates for the Junkfaxes Web Site

April 2004 - After a few years of sporadic updates, we've finally pushed through the Junkfaxes site revamping project that was started over a year ago!

The lack of web updates was by no means an indicator of a lack of interest - quite the opposite is true. In addition to family priorities, I've been actively pursuing a few telemarketing cases, shutting down a business that I have been involved with for nearly two decades, and ramping up my new domain/web/email hosting business, The latter has also kept me busy pursuing some of the most prolific, egregious spammers on the 'net under Oklahoma's fraudulent electronic mail statute, which allows for substantial monetary damages.

In the meantime, the junkfax-l mailing list has been very busy, with a very involved membership, including numerous attorneys and various states' Attorney General office personnel.

I feel very honored to be among an overall fine group of people - individuals, business owners, law enforcement personnel, and attorneys alike - who are here for the right reasons, working hard to take back our fax lines, paper, toner, and film from those who brazenly flout the law for their own financial gain.

Maintaining the web site and mailing list is nonetheless time consuming and expensive, so as always, any contributions towards the site upkeep are always welcome, and can be easily submitted through the PayPal donate links on these pages.

Robert Braver
Junkfaxes site owner
junkfax-l list marm


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