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Junk Fax News and Updates...

May 7, 2004 - FAX.COM's "Dirty Tricks" Vice President loses PI license due to dishonesty and fraud, largely in connection with defending FAX.COM and its clients in junk fax cases.

April, 2004 - Improved look-and-feel, Content Updates for the Junkfaxes Web Site

06/22/2001 - Law firm files $2.45 Million Suit against FAX.COM after receiving over 1,600 junk faxes.

06/18/2001 - Yet another "home based business" promoted by junk faxer Steven Burke d/b/a Network Marketing Newsis exposed as an illegal pyramid scheme.

05/09/2001 - Fraud charges are brought by the SEC against junk fax advertiser who testified for Steven Burke in frivolous civil RICO lawsuit

05/07/2001 - Braver obtains Partial Summary Judgment against junk faxer who testified against him in bogus racketeering lawsuit.

04/25/2001 - Judge awards full trebled damages of nearly $12 million against Hooters

03/21/2001 - Hooters faces minimum $3.9 Million verdict for junk fax campaign to 1,321 Georgia businesses - now faces hearing for triple damages.

03/14/2001 - 23 plaintiffs awarded $83,000 judgment against American Blast Fax and several of its Client Advertisers.

12/26/2000 - and client advertisers hit with multiple FCC Citations

12/06/2000 - FCC slaps 21st Century Fax with $1.1 million forfeiture

08/23/2000 Federal Trade Commission sues Discovery Rental, Epic Resorts, and other junk faxing travel scammers.

06/08/2000 Missouri Attorney General Sues American Blast Fax

02/08/2000 Texas Attorney General files suit against American Fax Blast

12/15/1999: FCC issues proposed $85,500 forfeiture against junk faxer for 19 faxed ads.

12/06/1999: FCC issues third round of citations; states, too.

08/10/1999 FCC issues second round of citations to seven more companies for junk faxing.

Defendant's Motion to Dismiss DENIED in Hooter's class action suit.

FCC issues citations to five companies for junk faxing, Threatens $11,000 fine for each future violation.

Houston Cellular settles for $400,000 in potential Texas class action suit.

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