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Junk Faxers sharing Candid Moments

These recordings of phone conversations I've has with junk faxers should help shed some light on the mentality of those in the industry.

[2004 update - these files are from the late 90's. I took down an old server that these audio files were hosted on, forgetting that they were on them. I have since found the original tape of the "Bill Thomas" (William T. Ficka, III) conversation and re-digitized it as an MP3]

[Sound Link]Thomas Thomas Alexis & Lynn - A collection agency that "war dials" all numbers in a given area to send its junk faxes.  Recording is from 1998. Has since been cited twice by the FCC. Conversation with "Bill Thomas."  5 min. 15 sec.

Excel Computers - A Texas company.  Used an OKC service bureau to send me a junk fax.  July 21, 1999 4 min 52 sec.

[Sound Link] CYNET, Inc. - A major Texas-based junk faxer.  Very enlightening comments from a sales rep and the sales manager, who apparently is the son of the president.  April 22, 1999 28 min. 45 sec.

[Sound Link] Global Marketing - Unabashed junk faxer.  Advises paranoid clients to get a drop box under an assumed name.  10 min. 35 sec.

[Sound Link]IBOC - A Junk Fax Broadcaster.  Conversation with owner Richard Weiss on January 26, 1999.  12 min. 4 sec.


[Sound Link] World Wide Web Institute - Junk faxes under several company names.  June, 1999  5 min. 6 sec.

[Sound Link] Quality Data Systems - One of the companies that I've already sued and collected a judgment on.  Interesting illustration of the attitude that an occasional $500 for junk faxing isn't a significant deterrent.  6 min. 59 sec.

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